Let the be light!

And now, the money shot!

As you can see, the light is a fairly focus light and quite bright. Though the camera does not really capture it, the areas lite, are very bright and in sharp focus, due the spot like nature of the work light. You can see the contrast in the dark area's that are not lite by the light, compared to the lite areas.

The dark areas are very dark as there is little light spillage, with most of the light going to where it is pointed. The light is un-defused, very focused on one particular area where it is pointed. Exactly what you want in a work light. Just your work being lite and in focus.

(it is actually brighter here than it appears, more so than the camera captures)

The light output is enough to trigger the Faceplate on my auto Welding Mask. So, it's bright!

This is the end. Finin'. Be gone. Back to the start. Thank you. Bye.

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