Five Most Stupid Things People Do on Social Media.

Post date: Jul 19, 2011 9:09:29 PM

1. Choppy YouTube Videos.

Making your video posting jump every 5 frames like it has been cut together by a spasticly afflicted monkey with a twitch is not 'cool', nor 'hip'. Just shows you to be the copy cat like every other unimaginative YouTube poster, that you all are.

2. Duck Face Profile Pictures.

Young teenage/young adult girls who post a profile picture that looks like a duck that had a stroke is not 'hot'. You just look like a stroked duck. Basically, stupid. You wouldn't pull that face continually in real life to attract a boy or girl, so why do it on line where is stays there FOREVER!

3. Add Complete Strangers to your 'Personal Friends List.'

If you were in a bank, would you go up to a complete stranger, give them your phone numbers, address, names of all your friends and and a tracking device to track your every move each day, so they know when you are not at home? Call it 'Facebook' or 'Four Square' and you it seems you would. Use your head, if you still have it, and limit whom you give your “private” information too. If you can't think of yourself, think about whom you give out your real friends details to, without their permission.

4. Threatening to “Do your mother” while playing online games.

Would you say that to a friend's, or even stranger's face if they were right next to you? And then expect them to not get upset? I think not. Just because you are playing against each other online in a heated battle of bullets, not one of wit's it seem, it does not mean you can turn into a complete and utter dim witted, foul mouthed nazi. You would not talk like that in a game of face to face Cricket, so don't do it over voice chat.

5. Using Twitter to Update your Toilet Status.

Ok. Maybe not your 'Toilet Status'. But, really? Who gives a crap what you had for lunch and where? Unless you had a Dolphin Sandwich’s in Nepal, who really cares. Make your updates about something interesting and unique. Your friends and colleges would not want to have you phone them everyday with what you had for lunch and I am sure that you would not be so dull as to do such a thing. So, please for the love of dog, don't do it on Twitter and the like.

Piece Out!

(yes I spelt it correct)