Iron Maiden Roof

So, I finally got around to putting the roof on.

The weather has been sunny, I found some cheap, new, lightweight galv roofing sheets, and my body was behaving itself, time to do the roofing, as my dog would say.

Though I still have to buy and install insulation in the roof, all I have to do is lift one side to put the insulation in between the roof and the ceiling. Yup. I designed it well. :)

So, I went for it.

Once again, click on an image to fill your screen with wonderment.

Here I have nearly finished installing the side mounted joists on to the frame, to attach the roofing iron sheets to.

I have added the first sheet. I placed it and measured from the side edge to align it.

I started by drilling a hole in the bottom right hand corner and fixing it down with a roofing tech screw.

You can see the side of the Dog House, where I have aligned the roofing sheet.

I got the alignment to within less than 1 mm accuracy.

Funny, considering the less than accurate wood cuts for the side of the roof! I will be cladding this later, so it does not matter so much for now, I guess.

Just as a point of interest. My power driver batteries died a long time ago, so I have to manually drive every screw and nut I tighten down.

This is a major pain in the arse.

So, very, very soon, I will be getting another power driver, with tension clutch chuck, and a better brand this time.

Buy cheap tools, and you mostly get cheap results. This is more so true, when it comes to battery powered tools. The cheap tools batteries will die a lot sooner, than say a well known brand.

This is not always the case, but more often than not, it is the case.

I used my trusty old socket set to drive the tech screw home. Works a treat, but is a killer on your arms by the time you get to the last one.

I used 27 tech screws, in all. More than the screws I used to hold the joists to the frame. I am still cramping up as I type this!

As I have gone with roofing iron, I decided to round of the corners and file off all sharp edges. Since I will be walking around the dog house a lot, it makes sense to remove all sharp and pointy points!

I may as yet buy and install some end capping, for a more safe edge. But for now, rounding the edges with tin snips and a file is the go.

This is a shot, looking down from the top, at the rounded corner I cut. I did this on all four corners.

As the sheets I bought are 1.8 meters long, I have to remove about 50 cms from the length. I marked a line with a texta, and used tin snips to cut it.

Just starting the cut here.

Part way through my phone battery died, so I switched to my iPad for photo's while it charged.

Here is a side shot of the section I am removing.

And from the front.

I allowed enough overhang for when I do the front part, adding a little extra to allow some coverage past the skylight.

I have an iron sheet to go across the front, which I will make a cutout for the skylight, with a matching opaque sheet.

I laid the next sheet on the roof, and marked off the start of the cut line from the sheet I finished cutting.

Next, I laid the sheet on the ground, took the off cut from the first sheet, laid it on top of the iron sheet on the ground, and used a marker, drawing a line along the edge of the offcut, marking the sheet with a straight line.

Now onto the tinsnips!

I do not have a photo, as I was not able to hold my phone and cut at the same time. But, you will see the results in the next shot.

Below is the finished result. Behold!

Dog is blurry, as she was moving in that shot.

That's it for now.

I will be completing the Skylight, adding insulation, and putting fake rock tiles on the blue front entrance area.

Later, I will also add some Solar Heating and Ventilation, and an Extractor Fan, solar powered off course!

The Dog House is fairly well completed for now.

As my dog has as of 2018, been put down, there is no more continuation of any more developments to the Dog House. It shall stand as it is, functional, yet not fully realised.

Thanks for making it this far.

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