More work - Part 2

What I have finished up to so far. I will show some pictures below, showing how I got to this stage. What I have done, and why I have done it.

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This picture below shows inside next to a seat that was installed previously.

As you can see from the colour difference, the blue is the original clear coat and gel coat, and the pinkish colour is the nature colour of the type of resin they used on the fibreglass to attach the seat.

Here you can clearly see that they just glassed over the top of the original finish without first sanding it back.

This is actually this least worst of the job they did on it.

This will be the last thing I get to, as I am currently concentrating on the outside hull.

Here you can see more clearly, the wood rot from the canoes inner base frame.

Though this is an all fibreglass canoe, the inner floor pan and centre is a wood based, on to which the fibreglass hull is added.

As I can not find the photo's I had of the original untouched state, before I started work on it, this is only one which will give you an idea of the bad state of the patch job they did.

You can see here the patching over the top, the rough finish, and if you look to the top right at the keel, you can see some pin holling.

The fibreglass when laid down, was not properly wetted out, that is, they did not fully coat the sheets with enough resin, and they left lots of air bubbles in it also. Here you can see the pitting (holes from air bubbles) that were left behind when the resin set.

Where the pitting went all the way to the surface, is where lots of the water got in. So, hence the water logging and wood rot.

The green paint is 2pac spray paint the previous owner put on. He glassed straight over the top of it. :(

For now, I am taking a short break, before continuing the fix. The weather here has taken a turn for the worse, lots of rain and strong winds, and I am still making room in the shed to continue working on it.

Working under the car port only stops some of the rain, as the strong winds we are getting are pushing the rain inside. So it's stop work for now, and back to it again in a few weeks.

Stay tuned! Late 2018, Early 2019.

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