Flood Light LED upgrade. Completed!

I have a 100 watt work flood lamp, that used an old fashion halogen globe, and chewed through the power when I used it.

I thought, time for an upgrade.

Why upgrade and not buy a new lamp? Well, yes the new LED Worklights are cheap, but, lots of them are not outputting the advertised rating. Most are 20% to 30% underpowered relative to their advertised rated power output. Plus, why waste a perfectly good lamp case and I do like to make things. For all these reasons, I decided on an upgrade.

And as I like to say. " 'Cause I can."

With modern LED COB chips, a led upgrade was now a viable option.

As these chips consume less power, and output more light than the halogen version, while consuming less power, I knew I just had to do it.

So, I ordered a 50 watt LED chip and LED power supply unit from the land of making stuff, China.

Come on down. The price was right.

Here is what I got.

One Power Supply Unit and one LED Cob chip.

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