Waiting for love.

Post date: Aug 31, 2011 3:11:24 PM

All good things, all that are worth having, require sacrifice. Love is not about feeling happy, love is about making life better for others, and yourself. Sometimes that means you get hurt, but mostly is means you are vulnerable, open, open to the world of possible joy that you can only get from sharing yourself with others.

If you break your arm, you don't lay down and die. You get up, you move on with your life, and your arm heals. The same goes for your heart. Get up, move on, heal. It does improve and you will find someone that you can truly trust, some one you can truly love. Someone who will fill you with real love. The love that likes you when you are sick. Still thinks that you are sweet when you smell. And will kiss you no matter what.

So, hang in there.