About Me

Australian, 52 yrs old, IT Tech and ITC Officer. Gamer and Dog's servant, relapsed Photographer, Maker, and Uncle extroidener! . (see http://lucy.andrewwilson.info)

Now in forced semi-retirement due to diminished health, still alive and able kick some arse, time is now spent repairing family and friends PC's and the occasional niece/nephew's parently damaged mind and soul (-*Mythical place where winy voices, chocolate cravings, boozy encounters and thought reside.)

Still fun after all these years, though you do need to change the batteries a lot more these days. Comes with that new car smell even after travelling over 500 000 kms, and over due for a service. Currently the last model in the line, still considered an excellent workhorse with luxurious appointments and fixtures. Well worth the asking price!

Please consider.