Roof Roof

Now I have started on the Roof of the Dog House. At last.

At this stage I am doing the frame on which I will mount the roofing material, be it Colour Bond, Plain Roofing Iron sheets, or just plain wood.

I have laid out a basic frame, with inner cross members (spars) on which to nail or screw the roof down.

I have only done the big slope so far, as I have run out of wood for the other side, at the moment.

The basic frame is butt ended joined with screws, and then simply screwed onto the ceiling from inside the dog house.

The cross spare going from left to right, inside the frame, are just wide enough to enable either screws or nails to be place at intervals, holding down which ever material I choose.

They are mounted directly to the ceiling, which has enough tensile strength to hold the material in place.

The roofing material will be held at the top and bottom spars, spreading the load, across the top, middle and bottom spars.

Here is what I have done so far. And yes, that is my Princess Mug in the bottom pictures right hand side. Nobody wants to take that cup.

Click an image to get the correct ratio and larger size.

That is the main part of the roofing spar frame done. The smaller slope to follow later in the week.

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