Deconstructed cupboards and wood.

I have this old TV Entertainment Unit, which was made for an older, smaller CRT type TV, and I wanted to save the wood for a future project.

As I am building a Doghouse, I finally have a use for that wood!

Here is the Entertainment Unit in various stages of tear down.

My Niece had painted it green, didn't like that and then painted it black, and then didn't want the unit when I moved house, so I took it back.

Click on any picture to engorge.

Here you can see I have already have taken the doors off. As all of the doors have glass fronts, I put them aside because of so little wood in them, I currently have no use for them. Another future project perhaps.

More tear down pics below.

Here are the back panels. They are a tongue and groove fit type of planks. Each piece has a tongue on one side, with a groove cut into the other, allowing them to lock into place.

As you can see in the right hand picture, these nail gun nails were used, and I had to remove each and every one of them.

There were close to a hundred nails to remove!

Here you can see the front removed. I the right hand picture, the front is in one piece resting against the unit.

More deconstruction here

and it's gone!

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