I own a canoe, and yet, I bought a Kayak!

Yes, I own a canoe, but, it still is not finished. So, I bought a new kayak. It was on sale, and I could get out on the water quicker.
I still do need to do a few things to it first.

It goes, but this is me, I want it to go better.

In the next few days I will add pics and describe what I have done/am doing to the kayak, and all the extra's I have made from scratch, and what accessories I have bought, to make it a better experience to use.
Note that there are still more things that I actually do need to buy to make life easier in the land of kayaking, particular if I want to make it sea going. Though I am close to getting there at this stage.

I have a kaya, but am still continuing to fix up my canoe. Not only is it a slightly different experience to use, but I can take family and others out in it, and I do like to fix things.

Stay tuned here, for in the next few days, if not sooner, I will be posting pics and words of work.