Short Attention Span is what is, oh look a puppy...

posted 6 Apr 2016, 07:42 by Andrew Wilson   [ updated 6 Apr 2016, 07:43 ]

Mostly the long form blog is nearly dead, though still worth reading, many a person these days is used to skipping from thought to thought via Tweeter/Facebook etc.
As this is the case, most of my thoughts, humour and links are to be found on Twitter these days.
I will be doing posting here now and again, when long form is required, but mostly you will find my mind on twitter.

Do look here though for my new postings, on the many projects that I am building/fixing/creating at the moment. Some are completed, waiting the write up to match all the photo's, some are current, and some near future projects or ones that are delayed, but will be completed in the not too distant future.

Take a look. You may not only be slightly entertained, but maybe learn some new and I am learning on doing these projects.

WiFi is safe. Yes it is.

posted 16 Feb 2016, 05:05 by Andrew Wilson

A set of quick links to help you understand how Wifi, a non-ionising radio wave type of radiation is a safe form of radiation, just as light (photons) that we see is a safe form of radiation.
It's all about the type of radiation, the dosage, and what that type of radiations effects are.

Here are some quick link starts to help you understand.

What is non-ionising radiation

Effect of ionising radiation

The nocebo effect - ie opposite of a benefit from placebo
(as in they believe it to be bad cause they where told it was so, now they will get 'symptoms' from Wifi, even when it is not turned on!)

This one mentions a link to the square inverse law. ie. there farther away you are the effect is reduced inversely squared. eg. 1cm away 2 time weaker 2 cm away, 4 times weaker, 3 cm away, 8 times weaker, and so on...

Hope this helps.

Last lot of Tweets

posted 16 May 2012, 06:34 by Andrew Wilson   [ updated 16 May 2012, 06:36 ]

Most dogs like sleep. Not mine. She believes that I should only sleep in strict three hour blocks. #MyDogIsAnInsomniac

Where I live has 1,768 likes on it's Facebook page. It's obvious they don't live here. #SmallTowns

I was planning on going on an Italian Cruise ship later this year....but I don't know how to swim.....#Hellidays

Censoring The Censor.

posted 18 Mar 2012, 13:49 by Andrew Wilson

Seems like my complaining about FaceBook allowing an offending site to be hosted has gotten them to remove the site and reference from me about getting the page removed, has it seems, been removed!

FaceBook did the right thing in removing the said offending page about dog fighting, after I complained about it, and then removed my postings about having to complain about it. My postings about their prior lack of action must have been deemed offensive to them!

Censorship at it's best and it's worst.

Clock stopper.

posted 1 Dec 2011, 22:22 by Andrew Wilson

Two Neutrino's meet in a bar. One say's to the other "You're early."
, he replies, "That's cause I travel light."

Ouch! My back..

posted 29 Nov 2011, 06:20 by Andrew Wilson

I am so Hipster, I am Counter-hipster.

Merry Christmas?

posted 24 Nov 2011, 04:19 by Andrew Wilson

So far, I have crossed four people off my Christmas List. 
Now, whom to kill next???

Christmas is coming, and so is Santa...

posted 21 Nov 2011, 04:46 by Andrew Wilson

Santa: free biscuits and ho, ho, ho's
that's a lot of ho's

Justin Beeberrrrrrrr

posted 21 Nov 2011, 02:41 by Andrew Wilson

If "Today is the First Day of Your Life",
then I need a nappy.

Money! It's a drag,

posted 15 Nov 2011, 16:22 by Andrew Wilson   [ updated 28 Dec 2011, 21:44 ]

I know money won't make me happy. I just want enough to be comfortable in my miserableness....

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