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WiFi is safe. Yes it is.

posted 16 Feb 2016, 05:05 by Andrew Wilson
A set of quick links to help you understand how Wifi, a non-ionising radio wave type of radiation is a safe form of radiation, just as light (photons) that we see is a safe form of radiation.
It's all about the type of radiation, the dosage, and what that type of radiations effects are.

Here are some quick link starts to help you understand.

What is non-ionising radiation

Effect of ionising radiation


The nocebo effect - ie opposite of a benefit from placebo 
(as in they believe it to be bad cause they where told it was so, now they will get 'symptoms' from Wifi, even when it is not turned on!)

This one mentions a link to the square inverse law. ie. there farther away you are the effect is reduced inversely squared. eg. 1cm away 2 time weaker 2 cm away, 4 times weaker, 3 cm away, 8 times weaker, and so on... 

Hope this helps.